Welcome to My Story

One of my favourite films of all time is Sliding Doors.  How a decision, with different choices might alter the course of your life forever depending on which one you choose. Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you had done one thing differently? That moment where one decision can change the course of your life forever?

I often wonder how different life would be if I hadn’t had my accident. Where would I be now?  Who would I be?  And what about the lives of my family and everyone affected by what happened to me?  It’s a question I find myself thinking about a lot.  But then I remember – the course my life has taken is a chain reaction of events.  One thing had a knock effect on another and over time it has made me the person I am today.  Don’t get me wrong, there were dark periods, times where life seemed hopeless.  Moments where I didn’t have the energy to just get through the day or even speak.  But each time, something in me pushed me to get through it.  That this would be the defining moment that determined who I was and who I wanted to become.  And survival – it’s the most basic of human instincts but sometimes the only one we can rely on.

I spent 10 years recovering from the physical and mental injuries I sustained.  And even now, I am reminded daily, in some way of what happened to me.  I have to work hard at keeping myself physically and mentally strong; when I look in the mirror at my scars, when I feel a twinge of pain or when sometimes, just sometimes, I stop and congratulate myself on how far I have come.

I am now ready to share my story.   I hope it will inspire you to be strong, believe in yourself and your body and have the courage to get through whatever it is in life you are facing.  One thing never fails to amaze me – the ability for the mind and body to repair.  I have been pushed to my physical and mental limits multiple times and each time I was astounded by the willingness of my body to get better with my mind as a guide.  But in order to do that you need to give them the fuel, strength and most of all have faith in yourself and your abilities.  Faith is more powerful than any drug.  Faith kept me alive.  Faith motivated me.  And most of all my faith in myself was rewarded.

You are probably reading this and thinking well that’s easy to say, have faith?! You might also be thinking where do I find faith when I don’t even have any hope?  How do I have faith when my mind and body are failing me? Through sharing my story, I am going to show you the various ways in which I was inspired, pushed, helped and motivated to keep going.  To push through the pain, find the light in the darkness and make sure my self-belief stayed strong.  It floundered, believe me, but I am living testament that it can happen, you can do it and you can take that pain and become a warrior.  My scars are a sign of my survival.  I no longer see my body as deformed but rather a strong woman who overcame the odds.  This is my message and I want to show you how you can achieve the same.